Veneta, Norris Street, SW1

We think its apparent from our posts that we are obsessed with the small plate way of eating. We love to share and try as many things as possible, and so any tapas-style restaurant is high in the ranks for us.

So when Salt Yard Group announced its latest venture, Veneta, we knew we just had to pay a visit. Its strong Venetian influence(hence the name) already got us very exicted. Having opened towards the end of last year, we thought we would treat ourselves in January with “a new year, new restaurant” frame of mind.

We reserved Veneta online (already a plus as queuing in Winter is a no no for us). We reserved for midweek early dinner slot, but there were several options available, maybe due to it being January? It didn’t worry us.

An added bonus to the visit started a week before when we made a passing comment on one of their Instagram posts of a dish they were developing. A lovely gesture on their part, saw them offering to have it ready for us when we visited! We thanked them and again could not wait for our upcoming visit.

Upon arrival the friendly maitre’d showed us to our table and our waiter came over and introduced himself. At this stage they also mentioned the for mentioned Instagram dish and that the chef was very excited to share it with us. The waiter shared the specials and went through the menu and gave his recommendations (we love when staff do this!).

To start we chose two pasta dishes: Kid Goat Ragu with Fresh Pappardelle and the Ricotta Ravioli with mushrooms. Both were exceptional. The mushroom sauce was rich and packed a punch which helped to complement the light cheese. The ragu was beautiful moist and the fresh pasta just melted in your mouth.

Next came the Instagram star: Gnudi with a tomato and romesco sauce with Parmesan crisps. We loved every mouthful. The sauce was so deep in flavour, again complimenting its Gnudi partner with ease. We implored it had to go on the menu. Hopefully it does. We also opted for the Pan-roasted Hake with Anchovy Sauce and Salsify and again were very happy indeed. The fish was very well cooked and the sauce just soaked through with each bite.

By this point we were very full indeed so chose not to have dessert, but they very kindly brought out a scoop of their delicious pistachio ice cream to help just cleanse the palate. We were very grateful indeed!

What can we say? Yet another winning venture from Salt Yard Group. We shall visit again soon!


3 Norris Street, London, SW1Y 4RJ


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