Kurobuta Brunch, Kendal Street, W2

Brunch is becoming a staple part of anyone’s diet in London these days and it’s no surprise that we’re all going for the unlimited option.  Two hours of as much prosecco and Bloody Mary action you can get your hands on plus eggs any way you can think of is a match made in heaven! However what if you don’t like the aforementioned drinks? Or don’t want eggs at brunch time? You go to Kurobuta in Marble Arch.

The brunch here could be the most value for money in the city and we’re going to tell you why. Kurobuta isn’t like the others and you can tell that Scott Hallsworth (ex-Nobu) wants it that way. Upon arrival there’s a welcome cocktail for everyone in your party and it’s here that you make the choice of going for the £35 or £45 option. We went for the former and were not disappointed at all! For this you get access to their buffet brunch where you can eat as much as you like. Now don’t think there’s a pancake station and a guy making you an omelette. On the contrary, you get 3 types of maki sushi (the spicy tuna is amazing), Yellowtail Sashimi, their famous Salmon Sashimi Pizza with Truffle Ponzu and Wasabi Tobiko, fried chicken, beer grilled steaks, tofu, miso soup, super rice and build your own ramen. Now couple this with unlimited beer, wine or rum punch and you’ll have yourself one of the best afternoons in a while.

We loved the acoustic guitar player singing in the background (he was actually very talented) and this then turned into more of a hip-hop backdrop with the staff controlling the tunes. The ‘sitting’ is meant to be 2 hours however we were there for 3 and the staff here are very friendly and accommodating and they added to the overall experience.

For those that want a more exciting brunch with food that strays away from the norm then book yourself in at Kurobuta Marble Arch. Thank us later.


17-20 Kendal Street, London, W2 2AW



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