Bad Egg, City Point, Moorgate, EC2Y

London’s best food isn’t always of the dinner variety. Sometimes it can come in the form of an egg. Once we heard that Neil Rankin was expanding his empire to include a place specialising in eggs, we knew it was going to be epic.

Opened last November we decided it was time we visited this egg-cellent establishment (it had to be done!). Walking in we are greeted with american diner style booths and dim lighting with the walls laden with graffiti. We like it already.

Once seated we couldn’t help but look around us to see what others were eating and what was coming out of the kitchen. You can tell the dishes are lovingly prepared and attention to detail is key. We settled upon Poached Eggs and Gaucamole on Sourdough and the Breakfast Tacos. For drinks its had to be tea (TeaPigs of course!). The Poached egg is as it should be, round and soft with a runny yolk centre. The gaucamole was fresh and you can tell it has been made on site and not from a shipped-in box. The Breakfast tacos were also delicious. Creamy scrambled eggs mixed with gaucamole, chipotle and  sour cream nestled on top of three mini soft tortillas. No knife and fork required – two bites and they were gone! I think 3 may be too little, perhaps a 4th would satisfy the stomach. The all day diner aspect of this place is what really makes sense. You can come at any time of day and have some really good food. They also have a brunch option for the weekends!

We only sampled the breakfast menu but we can say it is somewhere that we will come back to. It’s reasonably priced and worth the visit. Next time we will sample the all day menu as Neil has stated the baked eggs are the champions of the dish. Can’t wait to find out.

Bad Egg
City Point, Unit 1b, 1 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9AW


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