Nopi, Warwick Street, W1B

Yotam Ottolenghi is one of many chefs who we admire immensely here at London’s Dinest. His food, inspired by north African flavours and tastes of his home town of Israel, is full of vibrancy and punchy tones that we just adore.

Nopi, one of four under the Ottolenghi name, is nestled just off Regent St, bordering Soho making it a great spot for all. We had reserved a table (a rarity these days in London) and were greeted by the lovely front of house who showed us to our table right in the middle of the dining room.

The interior of Nopi – think marble, glacial and white. Very slick and clean cut with the only colour coming from the fresh salads on display and the food from the kitchen. Intentional perhaps? It definitely did make us look at our food a whole lot more!

As we had arrived pre-6pm we were given the option to order from their pre-theatre menu. A great option for those who are going onto a show straight after. For us though, we stuck to the a la carte and promptly requested Prosecco whilst we decided what to order.

We opted to share a few dishes to get a real taste of what the menu has to offer. We chose the Burrata with blood orange, coriander seeds & lavender, Roasted aubergine with black garlic, chilli, broad beans, & basil, Courgette & manouri fritters and the Valdeón cheesecake with pickled beetroot, almonds and thyme honey. The Burrata was fresh and light like you would expect and the coriander seeds added some heat which is something we wouldn’t normally expect. The aubergine had a gorgeous smokey taste and we loved the flavours that had been infused. It is served cold but could easily work hot. Up next were the courgette fritters. They were delicious. The Manouri cheese is one we haven’t tried before and It mirrors that of feta but without being too salty, which makes it a perfect partner for the courgette. Finally, the cheesecake. By far our favourite dish. Hot fondue-like cheese bubbling away topped with the almonds to give it a crunch. This has to be one of the best dishes we have sampled in a long time.

All in all our experience at Nopi was excellent. The service was friendly without being too invasive and the food was on point and really showcased flavours that you wouldn’t normally expect. Cookbook purchased, time to try and recreate the Ottolenghi magic at home.


21-22 Warwick Street, Soho, W1B 5NE


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