Dip & Flip, Battersea Rise, SW11


With the weather turning cooler, at London’s Dinest we tend to turn to comfort food. You know, gravy, anything with melted cheese, pies and burgers etc. Now what if we were to tell you that putting the former and latter mentions together, brings you one hell of a meal! 

After a few days abroad and eating poor attempts at burgers and fries, we headed on down to Dip & Flip just near Clapham Junction for a meal of extremely messy fingers and cheesey (quite literally) grins. Once you head on in to the restaurant, you’re greeted with bare brick walls and a view into the kitchen. We could see the head chef preparing some fresh beef into their amazing patties. The staff are great and it wasn’t long before we were sat down and having a look around at other people’s tables and the variety of food on offer.

Dip & Flip is a Canadian way of doing burgers and we have no complaints at all! The premise is such, pick a burger, pick your version of fries and never forget your selection will come with gravy. (We are firm believers that gravy makes everything better!). There are a few options in terms of burgers, with bacon and chilli as well as a selection of sandwiches. However the reason to be here is for the Dip & Flip burger which comes with roast lamb or roast beef on top, which is also dipped in gravy. You’re probably thinking it’s a little messy and that’s why there’s a full roll of kitchen roll to make things right. The burger itself is cooked to perfection and we liked that we weren’t asked how we wanted it cooked, giving us faith in the chefs knowing how to cook a good burger. Topped with mustard, ketchup, pickles and that aforementioned roast beef, this is one of the best burgers we have tasted in a long time. A side of cheesy (mozzarella) fries smothered in more gravy was fantastic and the milkshakes are delicious. Utilise that extra bowl of gravy they provide for dipping and you’re on to one hell of a meal.

We left Dip & Flip extremely full and welcomed another great burger restaurant in this glorious city. Well done.

Dip & Flip
87 Battersea Rise, SW11 1HW


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