Copita, D’Arblay St, W1F


Do you know what we love about London? That after making an impromptu decision to go for dinner, you can always find somewhere delicious to go to.

We stumbled upon Copita, a tapas bar, by chance whilst walking through Soho and we are glad we made the decision to go in.

The small but inviting dining room consists of tall benches and stools rather than tables, dim lighting and a bustling atmosphere. We were offered the sought after street-facing window seats, which we happily accepted. After glancing at the drinks menu we opted for a carafe of a Tempranillo (our go to red wine to pair with Spanish food).

Food here is of the small plate tapas style variety, a concept that we very much welcome. Our friendly waiter explained that 4 or 5 dishes is plenty for 2 people, especially if we are hoping to save room for dessert (which we of course were).

No tapas meal is complete without croquettes. Two options on the menu: Mushroom and Ham. We went for both. The fillings in both were hot, gooey and intense. The outer coating was crisp to bite and strong enough to encapsulate the warm interior. Herb loved the mushrooms ones, so much so another had to be ordered.

This was followed by plates of Courgettes with Potato Mayonnaise and Boiled egg, Caramelized Onion, Duck egg and Paprika chips and Deep Fried Cauliflower with Piquillo. We did not know what to expect from any of the dishes and we were certainly pleasantly surprised by all of them! When a place knows what to do with vegetables, they are always stars in our books. Our favourite was the courgette and potato mayonnaise. A first for such a combination but one that worked ever so well. The paprika chips were in fact crisps, which was a slight disappointment as we had half expected some sort of Patatas Bravas variety but it was still tasty nonetheless. The duck yolk held its own and when cracked, did not dribble all over the crisps that it sat on.

Dessert consisted of warm, soft churros with a heavenly dark bitter chocolate dip. Boy were these good! The chocolate comes in a little shot glass which you can tip back once you have finished dipping away.

We loved the service here at Copita too, with all the staff friendly and approachable. Something that definitely adds to the overall recipe of Copita.

Thanks for some truly inventive food, we shall be back to sample more dishes off of their ever changing menu.

26 D’Arblay St, London W1F 8EL


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