Dehesa, Ganton Street, W1F


During the warmer months (how optimistic!) we at London’s Dinest love to dine al fresco, sharing a few dishes over some lovely wine. Last night we were able to do all three at Dehesa in Carnaby Street.

Having visited Dehesa’s Sister restaurant, Salt Yard, we were expecting great things. One key point to mention about all the restaurants in this group (Opera Tavern is another) is that we can actually reserve a table. A rareity these days in London.

Upon arrival we were given a table inside the small restaurant, but after asking if we could sit outside instead, they quickly cleared a table for us with no issues.

The menu is divided into 6 sections. Bar Snack, Charcuterie, Cheese boards, Meats, Fish and Vegetables. We settled on ordering a couple of dishes from each section to get a wide variety of flavours.

To start with we opted for the Guindilla Peppers, Chargrilled Bread with Alioli and a Spanish cheese board. Yes we are aware that normally a cheese board would be towards the end of the meal, but we decided to mix things up!

All three came within moments of each other and we have to say that the cheese board really was excellent. Three Spanish cheeses accompanied by pickles and crisp bread had just the right balance of flavours. The flatbread was warm and fresh and it worked well with the cheese and peppers!

To follow we selected the Black Ink Risotto with Chili Scallops and Smoked Cod Roe, Grilled Chorizo with Fresh Pea Purée and Crispy Red Onions, Grilled Beef Bavette with Cherry Tomato & Green Bean Salad, Sautéed Girolles with Fried Free Range Egg, Grilled Flat bread & Herb Infused Olive Oil and finally the Gnochetti Sardi with Datterini Tomato, Courgette, Grilled Artichoke & Mascarpone.

One thing we love about tapas dining is that dishes come as and when they are ready, giving you enough time in between to enjoy little morsels at a time. First came the Ink Risotto. It was cooked well and the scallops that accompanied it were the right consistency, not too chewy but also not over done and tough! The Girolles with Duck egg and Flatbread was really well cooked and the herb oil had a brilliant aroma about it. The dish would even work well as a breakfast option! The stars of the evening were the Chorizo and the Beef. Both were cooked well and the pea puree with the Chorizo was excellent. It cooled down the spice of the sausage without overpowering us. The beef was really tender, melted in our mouths. We will be back for this dish alone!

Dehesa ticked all the boxes last night. Good food, good wine and above all great for sitting outside on a warmer summer evening!

25 Ganton Street, W1F 9BP



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