House of Ho, Old Compton Street, W1D

House of Ho 2

Vietnamese food is one of our favourites at London’s Dinest but it’s rare that we get a chance to have it. This meant our trip to House of Ho came with added excitement. After having a few drinks after work on a Friday (a staple of any Londoner), we made our way down to Old Compton Street to sample Bobby Chinn’s newest venture. Being a TV celebrity second to being an excellent chef; this is third restaurant and the first outside of Vietnam.

Upon entering, the place has a vibrant feel and it was buzzing inside. This the kind of place we like to eat and while a table was prepared for us we chose some cocktails. The Saigon Sour and the Flying Shiso Martini were chosen along with a couple of the only beer in the place, the Saigon. Both cocktails were potent yet excellent and we loved the Vietnamese twist they’d put on the drinks.

Once we were sat and looking at the menu you can see that House of Ho isn’t strictly Vietnamese but more of a fusion with very heavy Vietnamese influences. Our first choice of dish shows this perfectly: Seafood Ceviche. We decided on picking a variety of dishes rather than going for starters etc and this is welcomed in such a place. Along with the ceviche we had Smokey Chili Glazed Chicken Wings, Squab Breast in a Herbal Medicinal Broth (mainly because we hadn’t sampled squab before), Apple Smoked Pork Belly, Braised Cabbage & Poached Egg (pictured) and Lemongrass Chicken in Caramel Sauce.

The seafood ceviche was fantastic, it wasn’t too dissimilar from what we had at Chotto Matte recently and that’s a good thing! Fresh and tangy and something we could eat over and over. It’s tough to share such a great dish between four people so bear that in mind. The wings were very tasty, not the best wings we’ve ever had but that’s not the point here as there are BBQ places for that! Extremely tender and a chilli kick that works and if only there were more on the plate. The squab was interesting and anyone who doesn’t like game-y flavours should steer clear. It’s a heavy meat that was cooked very well and tasted great with the broth; the flavour pairings are top notch! The pork belly was one of the favourite dishes and was soft with a crispy shell. The cabbage was excellent and the poach egg topped off a great dish. Lemongrass chicken is another dish we hadn’t sampled before and on paper it would seem strange. However the caramel sauce with the chicken that had strong hints of lemongrass was fantastic. Lick your plate clean fantastic!

We didn’t get a chance to try the desserts, much to the disappointment of our waiter however this was due to the excessive consumption of the excellent cocktails. House of Ho is a great place to eat for dinner or something pre-theatre. Prices aren’t excessive and Bobby Chinn is on to a winner here. We’ll be back soon!

House of Ho
57-59 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 6HP


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