Pix-Bar, Bateman Street, W1D


What’s the difference between tapas and pintxos I hear you say? Well we head to Pix in Soho to find out.

We have heard of this little bar for some time now and at London’s Dinest we always like to try new things. So last night we gave Pix in Soho a try. Now Pintxos from the outset may look like tapas, but there is a difference. The difference comes in the form of an important cocktail stick.

Pintxos comes from the spanish word ‘pincho’ which itself comes from the verb ‘pinchar’, which means ‘to pierce’. Traditionally pintxos would be little morsels of food pierced to bread with a cocktail stick. However the cuisine has evolved over the years and bread is being used less and less as part of the traditional pintxos.

Pix is definitely up there with this movement. With choices like salt cod fritters and Aubergine dip, there is a diverse range of dishes to suit all.

We were sat on one of the many long, tall benches and were explained that we should just rock up to the buffet style counter and pick as many dishes as we want. We then keep the cocktail stick and at the end they count them up to see how much has been eaten. A pretty cool concept but also dangerously easy to lose track of how much you have eaten!

There’s a variety of hot and cold pinxtos to choose from and we made a point of trying all of them! Highlights included the Four cheese fritters, Salted Cod Croquetas and the Chilli Chicken Kebab. Every single dish was great in flavour and were all little surprises on their own.

If you are looking for a casual place to chill out with great food and lovely wine, then Pix is your place. We wouldn’t suggest it for larger groups though, it can get quite cramped!

16 Bateman Street


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