Homeslice, Covent Garden, WC2H


Another weekend gone, and another pizza joint ticked off the list. This time it was pop-up turned restaurant, Homeslice. We have heard many rumours that this is one of London’s best kept secrets when it comes to Pizza and it’s very easy to see why. Firstly its location: tucked in the back streets of Covent Garden (well, Neal’s Yard to be precise), you wouldn’t know this place existed unless you’ve been told about it.

The restaurant doesn’t take bookings so upon arrival we were told there was about a 20 minute wait for a table and that they would call us when one came free. This didn’t bother us, we just did a bit of shopping while we waited. 15 minutes later and the phone rang, our table was ready!

We sat down and could not help but stare at everyone’s tables around us. Huge delicious looking pizzas that take up most of the table were catching our eye from every corner. We had to order quick before we ended up stealing from our table neighbours.

Whilst deciding we went for prosecco on tap (a must from this establishment) and a couple of pale ales.

We looked at the chalk board for that day’s tasty selection and decided to go for two of the 20inch pizza offerings and going ‘half n half’ on both. One of the meat variety and one veggie. The meat options were chorizo & cauliflower cheese and shoulder of pork with radishes topped with mint & walnut pesto. Veggie was half piquillo peppers, asparagus & ricotta and a traditional caprese. The waitress did look a little surprised that we were ordering two pizzas between four, but we assured her she was about to see something special.

The meat pizza came out first and we tucked in to the best topping concept we have ever had. Cauliflower cheese on a pizza works. Simple. The spice of the chorizo helped to balance the creaminess but overall we were all totally amazed at how delicious it was. The pulled pork was also just as good. The pesto was fresh and light and gave the deep flavoured pork a refreshing taste to every bite.

The veggie one quickly followed and we have to say it was the first time any of us had had asparagus on a pizza, and boy did we all love it. The peppers add enough heat to make it enjoyable and the ricotta helps to balance it all together. The caprese was piled high with fresh tomatoes and onions (maybe a few too many, we ended up picking some off) and added a fresh combination following the previous three’s deep rich flavours.

Both pizzas were polished off in no time, they had to be, the base was too light to hold the mountains of toppings so we ended up rolling up the slices in order to keep it together. This didn’t bother us too much; its how they eat pizza in Naples too.

We loved this place and are already talking about when we are going back. The forever changing pizzas make us want to go back again and again to try other exciting flavours. Homeslice takes risks, and wins. There isn’t much more we can say other than, well done.

13 Neal’s Yard, Seven Dials, WC2H 9DP


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