Meat Mission, Hoxton Market, N1

Meat Mission

Meat Liquor, Meat Wagon, Meat Market and now Meat Mission. Anyone who has been to the three preceding places know what kind of food you’re in store for. You know – the kind where there’s a kitchen roll on the table to constantly wipe your hands/face clean!

Meat Wagon was the original and it’s a major part of what started this new craze for burgers and restaurants coming from the humble beginnings of a burger van in a market. Anyone that tried those burgers from the Wagon claim that they are some of the best: and with the famous Dead Hippie burger on the menu this will always be the case!

We went to Meat Mission on a causal day out in Shoreditch after a heavy one the night before. It was that point in a person’s life where they just want something ‘greasy’ to eat rather than use a knife and fork! Having been to Meat Liquor a few times, there’s that sense of knowing the food will be great even if this is a place we’ve never been to.

A former Christian Mission, the Meat Wagon guys have used the name aptly here by serving meat in a mission. (There’s a plaque on the wall dated back nearly 100 years ago stating the original mission’s objectives for proof). The place is dark and has a stained glass ceiling with an ever-watching Eye looking over you. The music is upbeat and the staff are friendly: off to a good start! We opted for a booth but there are long benches down the middle of the restaurant for casual dining. The menu is similar to Meat Liquor, if not exactly the same and it wasn’t long before we had ordered everything in one go (look at the picture!). Chilli Cheese Fries, Monkey Fingers, Bingo Wings, a Cheeseburger, Dead Hippie and a Dirty Chicken Burger. Washed down with a unique cider, this was an excellent meal.

The Chilli Cheese Fries we first sampled at Meat Liquor and after going to many restaurants in between, no one seems to get it this right. The cheese remains gooey and the chilli isn’t over-imposing. It’s easy for the chilli/cheese to become hard and taste strange but the way they keep it molten is great. The Monkey fingers are fillets of marinated chicken in their house buffalo sauce. It’s the same sauce they use for their famous wings and both come with a blue cheese dip and it hits the spot without being too spicy but completely moreish. The burgers are the star attraction here and the cheeseburger took us back to the first time we ate a one better than anywhere else! It’s much the same and the Dead Hippie just takes it up a notch or two. It consists of two mustard fried patties and their also famous dead hippie sauce. This is deliciously messy and one of the great burgers to be on a menu anywhere.

We have always given chicken burgers in general a second thought just due to the beef ones being fantastic, but after trying this Dirty Chicken Burger there’s now a new option to confuse us when choosing. It’s essentially like any other chicken burger you may have tried but the deep fried fillet is amazing. It’s crispy and juicy without being greasy and has this unique taste you want more and more of.

Meat Mission takes bookings so there’s less of a queue at this establishment compared to the rest. An excellent option just got better. Come for meat and messy fingers and drink any one of their custom beers/ciders. They even serve Grog for people who know what that is! Meat Mission keeps up the tradition of Meat Liquor and Meat Market but brings it to the streets of Hoxton in a very unique way – come hungry!

Meat Mission
14-15 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG


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