Chuck Burger Bar, Uxbridge Road, HA5


London is getting more and more burger joints and in our eyes, it can only be a good thing. There was a time when the alternative was GBK or maybe Byron Burger but now there are a plethora of places to go to for your burger fix.

Chuck is based in the lovely area of Hatch End in West London and brings that burger bar vibe to the once quiet streets. Being local to us at London’s Dinest this was one opening (2012) that we had to go to and knowing the owner, it was one we were invited to! There was a distinct buzz inside the place upon arrival and it was easy to tell that there was something great in the works. A prime location and an excellent, well thought out interior pulls you into a Brooklyn-esque burger joint. With the exposed wiring and graffiti walls, Chuck is easy on the eye and amazing on the palette. The front of the venue has a bar with a number of seats for that area. It is just as easy to eat here as it is to go further back and have a restaurant table. The aim here is to bring bar drinking to the forefront with casual eating and an aim to return to the bar. We have attempted this order of events successfully many times! To make things even better there are two TV’s present in the bar area which show the football at evenings and weekends. What better way to watch the football than with beers and Chuck’s signature wings?

The owners had researched a lot in terms of food and what to put on the menu and this is the basis of great food. A stand out item on the starters is the Popeye’s artichoke dip. A spinach and artichoke dip with melted cheese that just oozes greatness – literally. This starter comes with fresh nachos and a mild salsa dip and when all put together, you’re in for a real treat. This isn’t a dish you’d find on other menus and that’s great in our eyes as this will become something you remember Chuck for. That something quickly turns into other things when you see what else the menu has in store.

Taking pointers from the popular burger/American places in London such as Meat Liquor for example, you will find chilli cheese fries and excellent pulled pork. Pulled pork we had tasted somewhere else and it had to be our favourite place for this: Pitt Cue Co. We were told that their chef had helped Chuck with their pulled pork and smoked ribs so all in all, no complaints here! There are an array of burgers to choose from: from 5 different beef burgers, 2 chicken burgers, 2 veggie burgers and even a lamb burger. We have had most of these burgers as well as many one off specials and are yet to be disappointed. The beef burgers are by default served medium and the favourite here has to be the Piggy burger. Succulent beef topped with their awesome pulled pork and on a bed of house slaw all in a brioche bun. Be warned you will get messy eating this but that’s why you’re here! The selection of sides are great. From chilli cheese fries, 2 types of loaded fries or just plain ones to truffle mac & cheese. We might add that these accompany your dishes perfectly. Aside from burgers there are great ribs to be had as well as a pulled pork sandwich and a recent addition to the menu: ‘Easy Pickins’. This has one innovative dish which is Mac N Cheese croquettes which are fantastic! Along with sliders, onion rings and a few others, this is an excellent addition to the menu. Our last mention goes to Chuck’s weekend brunch. Pancakes topped with bacon, eggs benedict and Heuvos Rancheros top a selection of brunch items we can’t get enough of.

There are cocktails a plenty here and a firm favourite has to be the Stoli Doli. A potent amount of Stolichnaya vodka and fresh pineapple that’s easy to drink and before you know it you’ve had quite a few!

There are many reasons to go to Chuck and that’s why we like it so much. Beers and burgers with a few friends, cocktails in the bar, brunch with the family or wings and football. These are just a few options out of many. Great food, friendly service and a bustling vibe to what is, in essence, an excellent experience and one we’ve gone back to time and time again.

Chuck Burger Bar
322 – 324 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, HA5 4HR


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