The Wolseley Breakfast, Piccadilly, W1J


Breakfast; the most important meal of the day. At London’s Dinest we feel that breakfast eases the soul and helps start the day off in the right way and no one does it better in London than the Wolseley. Seductive food coupled with opulence and a great sense of real Englishness brought us here this week for what was a breakfast like no other.

Met with marble and art deco lining the walls and staircases that complement each other perfectly. The Wolseley exudes hints of Mayfair. It is easy to denounce breakfast each day and many could be happy with a coffee and a piece of fruit yet even with those two things The Wolseley can help you. Why not opt for some caramelised grapefruit and a Noisette coffee? It is fair to say that coming here for breakfast is not ideal unless you have over an hour to spare, and you’ve booked! Weekdays are busy and for good reason. Coming here for breakfast is a treat, a real treat. So its advisable to that you book in advance (it is very busy) and also to take your time so you can really appreciate and absorb your surroundings.

The Wolseley caters for all tastes when it comes to the first meal of the day. The menu is packed full of mouthwatering items from the mixed basket of Viennoiserie (pastries), granola and porridge, fruit salad, the classic sausage sandwich or bacon roll, yes the full english too and on to the best part: eggs any way you like and even a caviar omelette! The fresh coffee came in a beautiful cafetiere  and the eggs benedict was recommended by the waiter. Along with this we ordered The Wolseley fishcake with a poached egg (large obviously).

The eggs benedict were a sight to behold. After being awestruck piercing the yolk has never brought such an oozing of yolk so pleasing to the eye. These were high class eggs. The hollandaise had a buttery tang we’ve never experienced before and coupled with the soft bread and excellent ham, each bite got better and better. The Wolseley fishcake was exquisite. Light and delicious topped with an excellent poached egg. The Wolseley’s eggs are their speciality and it would be easy for us to say that any type you order will be the best you’ve ever tasted.

The service is first rate so take a morning just to experience this. Open from 7am, reserve a table and surround yourself with an air of superiority. For one morning forget your American chain coffee or your Mcdonald’s owned Manger and do it the correct way: do it the way The Wolseley wants you to do it.

The Wolseley
160 Piccadilly, Mayfair, W1J 9EB


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