10 Greek Street, W1D

10 greek street 3

When 10 Greek Street opened, it was at the very top of our list of places to go and try. The problem being that everyone else seemed to think the same! This is another no booking restaurant and is a case of putting your name down and waiting for your table to come available. There are options to sit at the bar, to wait, or let them call you when they’re ready for you however sometimes you don’t have that time to wait. After two failed attempts we finally were able to visit 10 Greek Street and we weren’t disappointed.

It came as a surprise that it was a Saturday night and we were seated straight away. So given what we said above, you can get lucky! The friendly waitress showed us to our table and we got accustomed to the menu. There is one on the wall as well as a paper one to look over their seasonal dishes. We love the fact that the menu is forever changing just so we can come back soon and try something completely different. We ordered some still water and a bottle of 2004 Bordeaux – specifically the Chateau Bellisle Mondotte, St-Emilion Grand Cru. St-Emilion Bordeaux wines are some of our favourite at London’s Dinest so it comes highly recommended.

Another restaurant in the small plate way of thinking and it’s a great way to be. We chose the wild mushrooms & goats curd, fried baby squid and the gorgonzola, walnuts & radicchio. The restaurant being small helps with the service as the food came very quickly. First off, the wild mushrooms were delicious. A selection of mushrooms sautéed with a healthy amount of garlic tasted earthy fresh and the goats curd complemented it just right. The fried baby squid was excellent. Think of what you thought when you first tried the calamari at Busaba; this has the same effect. Crunchy to the bite and not too chewy, you’ll be dipping this in the accompanying sauce very fast. Be sure to squeeze the lemon over it to make it even better. The pairing of ingredients is what makes 10 Greek Street stand out and they’re a master of this art. The gorgonzola with walnuts and radicchio was fantastic and as fresh as you’d expect your food to be. It’s safe to say these small plates didn’t last too long and all in all we couldn’t wait for the next course.

For the larger plates we chose the seared scallops, broad beans & black pudding and the Welsh black beef, duck fat potatoes, sprouting broccoli & horseradish (for 2). The scallops were seared to perfection and teamed with black pudding, it just worked so well. Upon first reading this combination of ingredients, you could be worried but after the first course any prior worries were alleviated quickly. The broad beans were in a gorgeous sauce and once again, there wasn’t anything left on the plate. Next the Welsh black beef which was some of the best beef we have tasted in a long time save going to a steakhouse. The cut was juicy and flavoursome and the duck fat potatoes were immense: crunchy, buttery and soft in the centre. A fantastic take on a roast dinner and it is a dish that will live in London Dinest’s memories for a long time!

Somehow there was room for dessert and this is due to the high quality food on offer so far. The quality did not drop for dessert and we chose the apple and pear crumble with custard and the clementine sponge with almonds. The apple crumble was a far cry from the packet ones that you can still buy now. The crumble had a nutty buttery-ness to it that we would have happily eaten on its own. The custard was divine and the sweetness to the fruit was just enough to not be sickly. A great dessert however it was a shame we could not finish it! There’s good reason for this and it’s due to to the clementine sponge. This was one of the best single dishes on offer at 10 Greek Street. The sliced almonds and the soft sponge were delightful. It was light and airy and had that hint of clementine that reminds you of Christmas.

10 Greek Street have got a lot right. From the seasonal menu, the ingredient combinations to the fantastic wine list. The food is fantastic and the service matches this. You may have to try a few times if you’re short of time but get your name down early, grab a drink and we promise you it’s worth the wait. On the back of 10 Greek Street’s success, we are happy to let you know that they have opened up a new restaurant called 8 Hoxton Square and we will be there soon to let you know how it is. That this place takes bookings, which already makes it a winner!

10 Greek Street
London, W1D 4DH


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