Pizza East, Portobello Road, W10

Pizza East

Another pizza joint ticked off the list! It’s apparent that London’s Dinest loves to try new and exciting things. Which is why we love Pizza East who are known to experiment with pizza toppings we just had to give it a try.

We were greeted by a friendly member of staff who promptly took us to the upstairs part of the restaurant for a quieter table. We were shown to a table right in the back corner of the restaurant, but this was by no means the raw end of the deal. It was right near the bar and and near the window so we didn’t feel too out of the loop.

Our friendly waiter came and took our drinks order, their signature cocktails including Martini Royales are a must try. We also were offered tap water (which doesn’t usually happen in most places!).
For starters we ordered the garlic bread (we had been recommended this by several people!) the mushroom and tallegio croquettes and the red mullet, agretti and artichoke. They came within 5-10 minutes, piping hot and were absolutely scrumptious! The croquettes were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside and refrained from getting too chewy. They didn’t burst in your mouth, merely melted leaving a lingering cheesy taste – a GOOD ONE! The garlic bread was also delicious; you could tell it was fresh bread and the garlic butter was divine. The mullet was fantastically cooked and teamed with agretti (something you rarely see on menus these days but it’s extremely underrated!) made it a taste sensation.

Next on to the pizzas and our choices included the aubergine, tomato and pesto with buffalo mozzarella, spicy sausage, mozzarella and broccoli and finally salami, tomato, mozzarella and chilli flakes. What struck us was how crisp the base stayed even with the mountain of toppings! The pesto was fresh and the mozzarella was lovely and light. Only issue was it was slightly dry, mainly due to it not having a tomato sauce base, but hey, this is what makes Pizza East great. It’s things like this that will make you come back and try another and another! The sausage was exceptionally soft and the broccoli was a great companion! The salami pizza was excellent due to the sublime cuts of meat. Along with the fresh tomato sauce, hint of spice and mozzarella; this simple pizza is one we’d order again and again.

We didn’t stay for long as we had to move on to another place but we do think it is one of those places that you can sit for hours ordering dishes as and when you feel like and just enjoy the service, great cocktails and food. The food here is accompanied by an accomplished wine menu so be sure to try the Italian Vermentino with anything you plan to eat but it was lovely with the mullet.

Pizza East
310 Portobello Road
W10 5TA


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