Il Bordello, Wapping High Street, E1W


Italian food is some of our favourite food in the world. It’s easy to grab some Italian food these days with the plethora of chains flooding on each high street in London. As much as it is just fine to go to one of these, the authentic Italian restaurants dotted around London will change your habits. One such place is Il Bordello in Wapping. A friend told us of this place countless times so we had to see what the fuss was about!

Il Bordello is in Wapping, not your usual choice of location if you’re eating out in London yet it is worth it. Having walked here through St Kathrines Dock, it’s an excellent and picturesque walk along the river. Once we arrived, it is obvious that this is a family run establishment and we love that. We walked over to our table by the window and directed towards the specials board which is often changing.

The wine list was always going to be extensive and we plumped for agorgeous chianti. We then chose starters of bresola, bruschetta and a bucket of garlic mussels. Bresola is something you only seem to find in authentic Italian restaurants and it was a welcome surprise. Paired with parmesan, olive oil and lemon, this anti-pasti was great. The bruschetta had the sweetest cherry tomatoes and it is something we’d eat everyday if possible! Now to the highlight: the mussels. These were some of the freshest mussels we’ve sampled. The broth with a high amount of garlic and tomatoes worked well indeed. As you can imagine, we polished these off fast!

For main dishes, it was baby clam linguine and gnocchi arrabbiata. The gnocchi was excellent, fresh and not stodgy at all. The fragrant sauce you could tell had Il Bordello made fresh and had that hint of spice you expect with an arrabbiata. The baby clam linguine was something we wish we knew the recipe for! The clams were divine and the linguine as fresh as could be. Cooked in a tomato, garlic, parsley and white wine sauce, it wouldn’t be out of place in a restaurant in Florence.

Desserts were next on the menu and it was the tiramisu that we ordered. Being one of our favourite dishes anyway, once we were told of it was made fresh that morning, it was a no-brainer. This was soft, melt in the mouth style tiramisu covered in fresh single cream and a chocolate sauce. Another recipe we can only hope to ever have, this dish comes highly recommended.

Please be warned that every dish here is large! Come hungry for sure and take your time over the wine menu. A great family run restaurant that many a chain should take heed from. Authentic and fresh ingredients make the dishes flavoursome and light. A big thank you to Il Bordello for getting it right!

Il Bordello


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