Dishoom, Shoreditch & Covent Garden


We all know the the UK loves Indian food. Londoners in particular cannot seem to get enough of it. With so many great places to get an authentic Indian its great to see this culture going from strength to strength.

One stand out place for us is Dishoom. Set in the heart of two great areas, Covent Garden and Shoreditch, it really has got its concept down to a ‘T’. Its not an Indian restaurant, its a Bombay café. What this means? Well the menu consists mainly of small ‘street food’ style plates that aren’t uncommon to those you find on the streets of Mumbai. Having been to Mumbai ourselves we can see this to be true. What is key is to not think you’re going out for a curry, because you aren’t. It is easy to have a chicken tikka masala, rice and naan but that’s not what Dishoom is about!

Small plates of okra fries, paneer tikka, kheema Pau (soft indian bread topped with spiced lamb mince), pau bhaji (the same however topped with spiced vegetables), gunpowder potatoes and masala prawns all make sharing and caring the key player. Again an Indian concept being brought to life. All the dishes ooze flavour and have a kick that really does take you back to the bustling streets of Mumbai. The okra fries reserve a special mention here and really are amazing. Crispy yet not mushy with an excellent moreish flavour. Each dish has its own appeal and distinct flavour which is a break from the norm of your usual Indian restaurant.

Other larger dishes of the 24-hour simmered black daal (one of their signature dishes), another signature being their lamb raan (which is one of the best Indian dishes in town) and Chicken Ruby accompanied by sides of roomali roti, cheese naan and rice complete the experience. The daal is creamy, buttery and something that should not be missed. We have to say that having this with the cheese naan is an experience all on its own. It might not be high up on the healthy scale but that has to go out of the window in this case. The lamb raan is effectively a leg of lamb that has been spiced to be marinated overnight and then grilled. It is effectively pulled lamb and you cannot leave Dishoom unless you have had this as it is fantastic.

Cocktails are also a must, with both restaurants having an extensive list to choose from. Bolly-Bellinis are our resident Herbie’s favourite! There are so many it’s just a case of finding a flavour you like and letting the bar staff do their work. It is recommended to finish off dinner with one of their signature chais. They’re authentically made and have a cheeky cognac one to end what will be a great night!

With both branches only taking reservations over groups of 6 it’s recommended you get there early to snag a seat as boy does it get busy. Arrive early, bring a group and sit back and sample the sights and smells of a traditional Mumbai Café as well as excellent food – which is quite easily some of the best Indian food in London.

Dishoom Shoreditch
7 Boundary Street, London E2 7JE

Dishoom Covent Garden
12 Upper St Martin’s, London WC2H 9FB


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