Honest Burgers, Meard Street, W1F


If you speak to anyone about the new holy grail of meat eaters in London, the term burgers is always spoken about. And when you speak about burgers, Honest Burgers is never far away. With 5 restaurants and counting, there is a very good reason for this expansion: burger perfection.

Through some strange twist of fate, Honest Burgers had eluded us on various occasions and for reasons unknown but one evening there was a determination to eat there and to taste what we had been hearing about. Once again Soho was our area of choice and you’ll come to notice that we’re eating out there more often than not. There wasn’t a queue which was great as we’d heard bad things so quickly we were seated. The waitress who was the manager doing a day of waitress work that day to keep everything current which we thought that was a great idea. That way she can see it from all points of view and it made the experience all the better. She even sat with us after the meal to get our thoughts.

There are 3 types of burger to choose from: chicken, beef and vegetarian. All sound appealing however there was only going to be one choice here and that was the beef burger. More to the point, the famous Honest Burger which contains smoked bacon, cheddar, pickled cucumber, red onion relish and lettuce to accompany the distinct beef patty. Burgers are served in their signature glazed buns with chips and rosemary salt. Now speaking of the latter, it is quite easy to declare these some of the best chips to accompany a burger. There are great chips in town e.g Haksmoor’s triple cooked variant and Patty & Bun’s fries however Honest Burgers’s attempt is right up there.

In our mind to make a great burger, other than the beef patty it has to be the bun that it comes in. A pet hate is burger buns that fall apart or when the bottom one slowly disintegrates the more you eat the burger. Thankfully this doesn’t occur with Honest Burgers and that’s a huge plus point. The burger itself is cooked well and flavoured just right. With the accompaniments, there are no complaints whatsoever.

The burger comes in at that ~£8 price point along with many other places in London and it’s one of the best. Personal preference comes into play here and it’s the reason that people claim Honest Burgers to be at the top of the burger tree. It can’t be denied at all and it is tough to compare when everyone has a different requirement when it comes to a burger. The way we see it is that the dining experience is fantastic, the beer served is excellent and the food is top notch. New openings are coming soon and there’s a very good reason.

Honest Burgers
4A Meard Street, Soho, W1F 0EF


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