Big Easy, Maiden Lane, WC2E


We recently had the pleasure of obtaining a booking at the Big Easy’s Covent Garden soft launch. This was a happy moment for us at London’s Dinest due to how good the Big Easy is in Chelsea. Add to that the fact that 10,000 people applied for a reservation, so in essence we felt very lucky.

Arriving a little later than hoped, we were welcomed by our Maitre D’ who informed us that our table was being prepared. This was good as it gave us some time to take in this hotly anticipated restaurant and it’s fair to say the décor is on point. The amount of bottles behind the bar is jaw dropping and being told of old fashioneds on tap made it that much better. Of course you can choose from their extensive cocktail and wine list but each to their own in this instance!

Once we were seated there was a lot to choose from on the menu as it does differ from the Chelsea establishment. We opted for a starter platter, a mains platter and a 3lb lobster dinner. Accompanied by sides of creamed spinach, mac n cheese a lettuce wedge (which was a whole lettuce at least!) and a host of fries. The starter platter had their famous voodoo wings and shrimp, BBQ wings and deep fried calamari. The signature voodoo marinade on the wings and shrimp is very good and once dunked in the blue cheese sauce, you’re in for a messy evening of finger licking and bib wearing. The other items are fairly standard to most American restaurants so it is hard to have a bad word on that front. The mains platter had pulled pork, brisket, smoked bacon and more BBQ wings with a few pickles and some coleslaw. The brisket here was delicious, we wished there was more! The pulled pork was very good in relation to the fact it isn’t their signature dish (crabs, lobsters and steak are). Once this was polished off, the lobster came out and what a beauty it was! Accompanied with some garlic butter and fries, this 3lb lobster did not last long. It was cooked just right and it would be highly recommended to go to the Big Easy for their £19.95 lobster nights or steak and lobster nights for the same price.

A bustling open restaurant in a prime location, the Big Easy is not as good as its Kings Road counterpart yet which is natural given that it had only been open 3 days. It won’t be long before this place catches up with its sister restaurant and has queues and reservations galore. Great wings, excellent lobster, quick service and old fashioneds on tap – what more could you ask for?

The Big Easy
12 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2E 7NA


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