Spuntino, Rupert Street, W1D


Here at London’s Dinest we have a list. The list in fact. It’s our go to guide, our saviour. This is a never ending list of places to try. Now Spuntino has been on ‘The List’ for a while now and on a whim we headed there last night.

We only had to wait for about 20 minutes for a couple of bar spots to be available but the staff are friendly and let you have drinks while you wait and of course prosecco was the drink of choice. This is another excellent small plate establishment with the majority of the people inside sitting at the bar drinking and eating. This concept is great as it creates an awesome rapport with the waiters who serve drinks as well as bring you food. Having read many reviews of this place and what people have ordered in the past, we already knew what we wanted within a space of a couple of minutes, much to the surprise of the waiter on hand.

We opted to share some of the ‘snacks’ and then pick a couple of ‘main plates’ which is the norm in such a place. For snackes, the stuffed olives were divine, more-ish and bereft of that grease you can be accustomed to in other restaurants. The egg and soldiers was a quirky option that worked in concept. The coating needed a little more to it but it’s hard not to like egg and soldiers. It would cue a #TBT hashtag most of the time! The eggplant chips were great. Reminded us of the okra fries in Dishoom and it’s how you want something like this to be: crunchy on the bite and little to no mushiness on the inside. Next came the buttermilk fried chicken which was melt in your mouth good. The latter two dishes could easily be larger and devoured just as quickly.

The main plate options and the main reason for our attendance started with the Mac N Cheese. This was heart warming, gooey and had an excellently crisp crumb. Mac N Cheese is easy to make but difficult to get right and Spuntino was on point here. The truffle egg toast, which was the vegetarians favourite, was excellent and was the best dish we sampled. A very simple idea that was made to perfection. The sliders and shoestring fries were good but it’s tough to say great. Sliders are an option we always like and the fillings were tasty but a full on burger wouldn’t go a miss here. However that is nit-picking and for the style of menu, sliders work just fine.

Spuntino is a place would go back again but definitely order less as we had trouble polishing off the mac and cheese! Given that was one of the main reasons to go there that night, it was a bit of a shame. Blame the truffle egg toast.

The place itself is chic, casual dining with no pretentiousness. You feel like you are among friends with the friendly staff and your dining neighbours. Arrive hungry, drink cocktails and don’t order too much: it’s really that easy.

61 Rupert Street, Soho, W1D 7PW


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