Pitt Cue Co., Newburgh Street, W1F


Pulled pork, alongside burgers has now become a favourite part of anyone eating out in London. There are many that claim that they are the best and it’s only fair to give each one a fair crack. LD were told about Pitt Cue Co. a few years ago about having some great pulled pork as well as other excellently smoked dishes. Neil Rankin is head chef here and since his time with Pitt Cue Co. he has made a name for himself for this fine art. Now moved on from Pitt Cue, his legacy is still there and always will be.

Another Soho establishment that cannot take bookings and with only 30 seats in their restaurant, it comes as no surprise. Fortunately we arrived at 5:30pm before any sort of queue could have been formed however there was still a 40 minute wait. This is not a problem as we were lucky to find a spot at the small bar to drink some local ale and take in the smokey fragrance coming from below.

A few ales later we were shown to our seats and it is most definitely one of the smallest restaurants we have visited and there is no way they could take bookings unless you plan to have the whole place to yourself. (Something which is an option if you contact them). The paper menu is simple yet effective and the special was read out by our waitress: Pigs Head Burger. This did seem strange at first however when she mentioned how it was made, it was the first thing ordered along with a side of pulled pork, some chilli slaw and bone marrow mash. The burger was excellent and consisted of the pigs head mead being slow cooked and pulled, then made into a breaded burger. Along with a fried egg, relish and garnish, this really is something you need to try. On to the pulled pork and it is something that should not be missed in London. It is juicy and extremely flavoursome to the point you want to order more and more. The chilli slaw was some of the best slaw we have sampled here and the bone marrow mash was on point.

Excellent for a meal prior to going out somewhere else or a great dinner with some close friends. Pitt Cue Co. is at the top of its game in the smoked food arena and provided you arrive early, we shall be back again!

Pitt Cue Co.
1 Newburgh St, London, W1F 7RB


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