Grillshack, Beak Street, W1F


Opened in 2012, we heard about a modern diner opening in Soho and it did not take us long to make an appearance. Another place perfect for a quick meal (a good meal too) before heading off into the night, Grillshack is more than just a place to eat; it’s an experience. Ensure you download the app before you head on down to make your life just that much easer.

Grillshack is busy. It always will be with the mantra of quick and tasty food with a fast turnaround for people coming to eat. Give your name and number at the door and you’ll receive a text when your table is ready. We were told 40 minutes but we were texted and seated in 10, already a +1 in our books. The waiter explained the process here and there are three options for you to order: go up to the counter, order from the touch-screen kiosk or use the aforementioned app. Buttermilk fried chicken nuggets and a round of beers were to start and let us just say, these chicken nuggets were awesome. Just been fried and accompanied with a smoked chilli mayonnaise, it was a sad time when they had quickly been demolished. We ordered some wine from the app and it was on the table in a few minutes and it gave the confidence to order the next set of food. The flattened rump steak and seasoned fries with smoked butter for £9.95 is a figure that is hard to beat and do not let the price detract from the plate of food served: it was excellent. Having been to Grillshack twice now, they have adapted this dish by upgrading the fries from shoestring to seasoned normal fries and it’s a welcome upgrade. The other dish ordered was one of the specials and was the pulled pork burger, not the best burger you will ever have but for the price there are no complaints whatsoever.

An experience is what we said earlier and it’s fair to say that Grillshack is the modern diner experience you always want. Breakfast is served from 8am and consists of pancakes and eggs served every which way. Make your way down at any time to enjoy great food without the long waits accustomed to other diners in town.

61-63 Beak Street, W1F 9SL


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