Grain Store, Granary Square, N1C

grain store

One thing that struck us about the Grain Store was how refreshing the menu was. It certainly isn’t a vegetarian restaurant but vegetables are the star attraction that create the marvellous dishes that are on offer. As you can imagine, Herbie (Miss Herbivore) has never been happier!

We visited for a Saturday brunch and were met with a limited set menu. It seems that they operate a different menu for during the day and for the evening, which is a tad disappointing as it meant we weren’t able to sample some of their more interesting offerings. That aside, we did have some great options available to us.

Selection included Focaccia, dukkah & olive oil dip, Wild mushroom croquettes with pine nuts and Welsh Rarebit. For a vegetarian, you are spoilt for choice. A nice touch here is having icons for vegans as well as vegetarians, we would assume this will happen more often in other restaurants given that Londoners are becoming more and more health conscious.

On to the food we ordered and the croquettes were divine. Some of the best we have ever tasted. Not greasy, smaller than your standard Spanish equivalent but every bit the more appetizing. The Welsh rarebit was fresh sourdough topped with a hot, cheesy, gooey bechamel, wilted spinach and caramelized onions. As much as this was fancy cheese on toast, it was still very very good.

A refreshing place to eat in Kings Cross and with Bruno Loubet’s love of vegetables, the herbivores amongst you will be able to dine well and leave happy. There are many meat dishes on the menu but here, vegetarian food is the star attraction and that is, surprisingly, actually a good thing.

Grain Store
Granary Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AB


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