Franco Manca, Chiswick High Road, W4

Franco Manca

One thing we love here at London’s Dinest is a good simple, yet fulfilling, pizza. We visited Franca Manca recently to satisfy our craving, as well as to tick off yet another amazing pizza restaurant.

Franco Manca originally started out in Brixton Market, honing its skill and perfecting its art. Now six years later there are now seven restaurants all over London with more to come.

One thing to know about Franco Manca is that it prides itself in delivering a genuine Neapolitan pizza. This is by no means an easy task.  The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana has a strict set of rules (yes rules!) for anyone who wants to attempt the art of Neapolitan goodness. For example, the flour needs to be type 0 or 00 (strong flour with high protein content), the dough is to  be kneaded and formed by hand without using a rolling or any mechanical device and it is to be baked at over 485°C in a wood-fired oven for no more than 90 seconds. Who wants to take on this challenge?!

Daily specials play a vital part in Franco Manca’s menu as its mains section only contains 6 options; 6 very good options we might add. However on this occasion, Miss Herbie strayed from the main and went for a special. Tomato, Potato, Sun-dried tomatoes and Walnut pesto. All with a generous sprinkle of garlic oil. The classic tomato and mozzarella was also a hit, showcasing Franco Manca’s talents to a T.

Wine is served rosso or bianco with their cloudy lemonade also being a key favourite. (Aperol Spritz is always welcome in such an establishment as well). Franco Manca fills the void for good pizza and with several branches scattered across London you will never be left out in the cold craving it.

Franco Manca
144 Chiswick High Road, W4 1PU


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