Burger & Lobster, Dean Street, W1D


The buzz of ‘the cheapest lobster in London’ brought us to Burger & Lobster to see if there was any credibility to these claims. Lobster can be found in many places in town however the majority are put off by the sky-high prices. Burger & Lobster aims to fix a problem that needed to be fixed by offering it for £20 with chips, salad and garlic butter sauce.

The Soho branch of Burger & Lobster is busy as it’s occupying prime real estate on Dean Street. There is a mandatory 45 minute wait regardless of when you arrive and this can only be a good thing as you’re directed to the bar. Reason being, the bar is large and if you really want, you can eat there too. It is recommended to wait but sometimes time isn’t on your side! However if it is, grab yourself a Brooklyn Lager and enjoy what is a great looking restaurant. The lobster menu written in chalk beside the lobster tank is a great touch but it is not for the squeamish.

Once you arrive at your table, there are 3 options: Lobster, Burger or Lobster Roll all for £20. There are better burgers to be had in London, and for £20 there is only one option to take here. Opting for the lobster option will give you a 1.5lb lobster with excellent chips, an insanely moreish garlic butter sauce and Italian dressed salad. You have an option to have your lobster grilled if you wish and this option was taken. The lobster was succulent, the chips were how you would want them to be and the salad was a delight even though it would be most people’s afterthought. Of course you can opt for the lobster roll which is juicy pieces of lobster in a mayonnaise sauce placed in a finger shaped roll. It is nice however it is served cold and if we are honest here at LD, the only reason to walk into this place is for the lobster. Aside from those options, the drinks menu is vast and you can also pick a larger lobster if 1.5lb isn’t cutting it. Prices vary depending on the weight and is a great option for sharers.

Burger & Lobster have created a non-wallet hitting dinner by offsetting the price to the burger and lobster roll. A shrewd move which is proving to now be an excellent idea. Friendly staff, great music and delicious lobster makes for a perfect dinner combination here, get there before the mandatory wait becomes 2 hours! Branches can be found in Farringdon, Soho, Mayfair, The City and Knightsbridge.

Burger & Lobster
36 Dean Street, W1D 4PS


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