Tozi, Gillingham Street, SW1


Ranked number 16 of all of the restaurants in London on Trip Advisor (at time of writing), Tozi has been excelling at the art of small plate dishes quietly in the background whilst still maintaining exceptional standards. Italian restaurants in town are plentiful and it’s always refreshing to find one that doesn’t have pizza on the menu and takes great care over each unique dish it serves.

Greeted by very cheerful staff as well as the Maître D’ it’s not long before your first draught proseccos are being poured. This is a trend that’s starting to take shape and there will never be any complaints from us! The complimentary selection of breads and olive oil were a great addition during the waiter explaining how it works at Tozi. Like most ‘tapas’ restaurants, bear in mind this one is not Spanish at all, there are a selection of plates to order from with around 3-4 per person being enough. Also that each dish will come out as and when it is ready adds value here as it let’s you really enjoy each plate. The menu is split into sections varying from ‘Wood Oven’ to ‘Fritti’ and it’s always recommended to try something from each.

From the wood oven came the tomato, mozzarella and salami piccante Pizzetta. Essentially a small pizza slice however do not let that put you off. The care taken with the flavours here worked so well and as with most places like this, the plate was clean very quickly and leaves you wanting more. The asparagus, pecorino and quail egg salad (pictured) was a great delicate dish. The dressing was sublime and it was a shame that this was shared as another could easily have been ordered. The zucchini fritti came out next and these were moreish, crispy and the light batter flavoured just right. The Soft shell crab with red chilli and a parsley dip was an interesting dish to say the least. Lightly battered and deep fried whole soft shell crab with red chilli to compliment was a taste revelation when accompanied with the parsley dip. The waiter had recommended the buffalo ricotta ravioli with black truffle and it is safe to say that this is one of the best ravioli dishes sampled here at London’s Dinest. The last two ‘plates’ were the Caserecce with a wild boar ragu and their signature cheese board. The ragu was fantastic and if it were to be an a la carte option, it would definitely be a crowd favourite along with the ravioli mentioned earlier.

A little more expensive than most, however this should not detract from the great food, a jealousy inducing ambience and the wonderful staff. Wear something nice, treat yourself to some of the best Italian food in London and then wash it all down with prosecco on tap.

8 Gillingham Street, London SW1V 1HJ


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