Union Street Cafe, Great Suffolk Street, SE1


As soon as this restaurant’s opening hit the news last year a reservation had to be made. Here at London’s Dinest we love Italian food and wanted to sample dining at a flagship Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

Arriving early is a must, just for the cocktails to be had at the downstairs bar. This bar has a lovely setting with  low seating, dim lighting and friendly staff. The weekly cocktail menu is a refreshing change however do not think they won’t make you a manhattan if needed. Either way, they were delicious.

Being seated in the restaurant brought complimentary tap water and warm bread whilst the menu was perused over. The waiter was on hand due to the complicated nature of the menu, which was very helpful yet did leave the question as to why the menu isn’t easier to decipher. To start there was no way that the arancini would not be chosen as well as an Italian staple of bruschetta. The arancini were how you expect they should be which is excellent: warm and gooey in the centre with a crisp outer layer. The bruschetta was your normal affair and was tasty if a little small.
On to the next course,  burrata with tomato salsa and sausage with lentils and fontina cheese sauce. Both were excellent and their burrata was the melt in the mouth kind you just can’t get enough of. Coupled with fresh tomatoes and their are no complaints.

Mains included spinach gnocchi with leeks and hazelnuts as well as ox cheek with parmesan mash which was one of the specials of the day. These were the star attractions and you’d be hard pressed to find better gnocchi in town. Fresh and vibrant with an excellent coupling of spinach and leek here. The staff are excellent and on point, which is to be expected from a Gordon Ramsey establishment and you will find us there again very soon.

Union Street Café
On the Corner of Great Suffolk Street & Union Street
(47-51 Great Suffolk Street), London, SE1 0BS


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