Pizza Pilgrims, Dean Street, W1D


After following their little green pizza van around London and eating various slices from their usual spot in Soho, it was inevitable that they would secure a restaurant site. And what a location to have; right opposite Pizza Express. Now it is safe to say that once you have sampled Pizza Pilgrims, you won’t be going to Pizza Express in Soho, probably ever again. This Napoli based pizza exists purely due to two things: their wood fired oven and their deliciously soft yet charred pizza bases. The mixed olives were plentiful and the buffalo mozzarella with oven roasted pepperonata was fantastic.

Pizzas to recommend were the Nduja, the Napoli Salami and the Artichoke, Ricotta and Olive Oil. There may have been slightly too much ricotta on the latter however the pizza was still worthy of a mention. The Nutella Pizza Ring for dessert is a unique one that on paper doesn’t make a lot of sense. However once you’ve eaten it you will have wondered where it has been all your life. The staff are great and the service complements that. Couple your pizzas with an Aperol Spritz, on tap wine or if you’re feeling brave, a Negroni.

Pizza Pilgrims
11, Dean St, Soho, W1D 3RP


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